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●From Application to Entrance


Please fill in the documents and mail or bring them to TNG with the selection fee. CLICK


Selection is based on the application documents, interviews and examinations.
Only failed applicants will receive the results.。

Application to the
Tokyo Immigration Bureau

TNG will hand in the documents of the applicants who are allowed to
enter the school to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
The documents are not returnable except the original Diploma.

Certificate of Eligibility Execution

TNG will tell both passed and failed applicants the results.
Passed applicants should pay the school fees immediately. After that, TNG will send them the Certificate of Eligibility and other required documents.

Application to the Japanese Embassy

Applicants submit the passport, the Certificate of Eligibility and
other required documents to nearest Japanese Embassy
or consulate to get pre-college visa.

・Come to Japan

Please come to school and attend an orientation within a week after you come to Japan.

The Certificate of Eligibility is valid for three months. Therefore you should follow
the above procedure and come to Japan in the valid period.