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・shared kitchen/fridge  ・shared bath room/laundry  ・air conditioner  
・desk  ・chair ・bed(futon)  ・closet  ・bicycle sheds

■Residential Prices

¥28,000 / per person(Room for two persons) +Utility costs
※You have to pay ¥268,000 (Entrance fee, Equipment charge, Room charge/6months, Cleaning fee, and Airport pickup ) when you pay your school fee.
※TNG will buy you Futon (a mattress, a duvet, and a pillow)
※Please live for 6 months. If you leave the building in less than 6 months, there is no refund for any fee paid to Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin. There is no exception in any situation.

■The Basic plan of TNG Residences

■Details About Residences

●Sunshine Yonohonmachi
●Cosmo Yonohonmachi
●Kitayono Hights
●Crown Palace

■Other Residences

●Kyoritsu International Foundation   ●Kyoritsu Maintenance   ●Leo Palace 21   ●J&F PLAZA

●Share tink  ●Shared House  ●GEST HOUSE ICOM