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Welcome to Our Japanese Language Learning Environment

Greetings from the director

学院長 荒木幹光


Welcome to Japan and Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin !

I hope the students at Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin will

・learn Japanese language skills and about Japanese culture

・play an important part in making a good relationship between his or her country and Japan making use of what he or she learned at TNG.

School information

School Name
Tokyo Nichgo Gakuin
5-14-11, shimo ochiai,chuou disorict,saitama city,Saitama,Japan →アクセスマップ

Foundation and Characteristics

Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin (TNG) was established in 1986, with the aim of offering opportunities to learn Japanese language and culture experience for foreign students who have a strong will to contribute to friendly relationships between their home countries and Japan.  We give each student the guidance of going on to graduate schools, universities, or vocational colleges. We compose curriculums putting emphasis not only on daily conversational Japanese for communication, but also on acquiring the ability to cope with entrance examinations of universities, graduate schools and vocational colleges.  We hope the students not only to master Japanese language, but also to experience Japanese culture. Therefore, we have extracurricular lessons actively to encourage students to learn about Japanese culture and lifestyle.

School Song