画像Different curriculums by each level are adopted. 1 term is 3 months and you can study Japanese systematically for maximum 2 years. You will take a placement test when you arrive Japan and your class will be decided by the result.
Our target is to get correct knowledge of Japanese and master natural fluent communication skill by subjects and class activities. We have some programs to deal with wide variety of learning needs in intermediate and advance class.
We are here to support your dream to go to university, get a job or experience Japanese culture.


Basic Japanese for the beginners

Contents and the aim

・You will acquire basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and
・You will learn selected 400 'kanji's after mastering 'hiragana' and
・You will acquire communicative Japanese to get used to life in Japan.
・You will have homework daily.

  • ・Elementary I・Ⅱ
    (3 months each)
  • ・Mon-Fri


Acquiring standard and practical level of native Japanese

Contents and the aim

・You will be able to speak out your own opinion.
・You will be able to read long essays fast.
・You will be able to write short essays.
・Level of grammar and vocabulary is Japanese Language Proficiency
 Test N2, N3

  • ・Intermediate I・I I・I I I
    (3 months each)
  • ・Mon-Fri


Acquiring academic Japanese to manage university entrance exams

Contents and the aim

・You will learn academic Japanese to keep up with lectures of
 universities using textbooks with global views, newspapers,
 magazines, and videos
・A goal in this level is passing Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.
・All students who would like to have higher education can have an
 individual guidance.

  • ・Advanced I・I I
    (3 months each)
  • ・Mon-Fri

Superlative Advanced

Acquiring advanced level Japanese and liberal studies-

Contents and the aim

・You will acquire speaking skill which you can offer topics and give
 your own opinions.
・You will acquire writing skill which you can develop your opinions in
 your essays.
・You can have an individual guidance on how to write a research essay
 for postgraduate entrance exams.

  • ・Superlative Advanced
    (3 months)
  • ・Mon-Fri