Student dormitory

Comfortable and safe student life

In the Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin, to support your life in Japan, we prepare the dormitories for you.
For the students who study abroad, living in student accommodation is the best way to experience students life. You will make friends from all over the world, have fun and make your own life safely.
Besides of the perfect facilities, of course , we pay attention to the traffic and the environment around the dormitory. Also, to make sure you can adapt the life in Japan, we will provide enthusiastic support.





画像・shared kitchen/fridge  ・shared bath room/laundry 
・air conditioner       ・desk  
・chair ・bed(futon)   ・closet       
・bicycle sheds

Residential Prices

JP¥28,000 / per person(Room for two persons) +Utility costs

※You have to pay ¥268,000 (Entrance fee, Equipment charge, Room charge/6months, Cleaning fee, and Airport pickup )
  when you pay your school fee.
※TNG will buy you Futon (a mattress, a duvet, and a pillow)
※Please live for 6 months. If you leave the building in less than 6 months, there is no refund for any fee paid to Tokyo Nichigo
 Gakuin. There is no exception in any situation.

Other Residences

・Kyoritsu International Foundation→HP
・J&F PLAZA(Urawa)→HP
・J&F PLAZA(Musashi Urawa)→HP