College and Career

We support all students to make their dreams come true

The teacher in charge of career counseling is always available for you. You can check the latest documents about universities or jobs.

Career counseling

画像Recently the situation of the entrance exam for foreign students has become strict by the new system. Many events are held by Japanese language school to respond to students’ requests.
We prepare guide books of graduate school, university or technical college. We are here to support you for the entrance exam through counseling or special program.
There are more than 760 graduate school, university or technical colleges and 3,000 or more technical colleges in Japan.
Japanese language schools are having school information sessions or special class for students.


1. School session held by Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin
We invite teachers from very popular national/private universities or vocational schools to hold "school information sessions". They explain their school features and the exam of their schools to you directly. You also can participate in campus tours and take trial lessons. 

2. School information session held by external organization
You can attend school information sessions held by universities or vocational schools including JASSO or Japan Student Service Organization. This would be a really valuable event for you to decide which school to go to next.

3. Opportunity to hear direct voice from college teachers
We invite teachers from popular universities or vocational schools to Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin for our students. You can listen to their original presentation. It is a good chance to know the features of their courses, what their students do after graduation, the tuition or their entrance exam.

4. Recommendation System
Thanks to many excellent graduates, universities or vocational schools give us special places to recommend good students to them. Students who meet the conditions can apply to one of them. The exam is easier than the normal one and you may get a tuition discount or scholarship.

5. Special seminar for your next step
Special classes are available by each school on how to write the application, how to write the reason why you want to enter the school, how to apply for a graduate course, or how to take an interview. We will let you know who is to be able to participate. Students who want to go to a graduate course can attend a special class by a professor.







Main Successful school

Graduate School
University of Tokyo Graduate School
University of Tsukuba Graduate School
Ochanomizu University Graduate School
Yokohama National University Graduate School
Chiba University Graduate School
Saitama University Graduate School
Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Waseda Graduate School
Meiji University Graduate School
Chuo University Graduate School
Others (including research students)
Osaka University
Ochanomizu University
Chiba University
Yokohama National University
Saitama University
Gunma University
Shinshu University
Keio University
Sophia University
Rikkyo University
Meiji University
Chuo University
Aoyama Gakuin University
Tokyo Agricultural University
Tokyo Woman's Christian University
Gakushuin University
Gakushuin Women's University
International Christian University
Nihon University
Toyo University
Takushoku University
Dokkyo University
Vocational school
CAD drawing vocational school
Tokyo International Information Business College
Nakano School of Business
International Tourism College
Sundaigaigo & Business Institute
Tokyo Multimedia College
Otsuka Information Processing College
Vocational School Digital Arts
Central Information College
Act Information Sports Childcare College
Kawaguchi Cultural Clothing College
Greg Foreign Language College
Chuo College of Technology
Tokyo Mode Gakuen
Nihon Kogakuin College
Tokyo Dance & Actors College
Nissan Gakuen
Toyota Tokyo Maintenance College
Yamano Beauty College
JTB Travel College
Junior college
Yamamura Gakuen Junior College
Yamano College of Aesthetics and Arts
Tokyo Management College
High school
Kawaguchi General High School
Saitama Prefectural Warabi High School
Urawajitsu Gakuen High School

Designated school recommendation

Aomori University ... Faculty of Comprehensive Business, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Software and Information Science

Gakushuin Women's University ... Faculty of International Cultural Exchange

Kaetsu University ... Faculty of Business Economics

Kyoei University ... Faculty of International Management

Shobi University ... Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Information Expression, Faculty of Sport Management

Shiseikan University ... Faculty of Life Design

Surugadai University ... Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Economics, Faculty of
Media and Information Science, Faculty of Psychology

Seibu Bunri University ... Faculty of Service Management

Chuo Gakuin University ... Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Contemporary Liberal Arts

Chiba Institute of Science University  ... Faculty of Risk Management

Tsukuba Gakuin University ... Faculty of Management Information

Toyo University ...  Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of International Studies, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Life Science 

Tokyo University of Social Welfare ... Faculty of Social Welfare, Faculty of Childcare, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Education

Tokyo Agricultural University ... Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences

Institute of Technologists University ... Faculty of Skills and Crafts

Ryutsu Keizai University ... Faculty of Distribution Information, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Law
Vocational school
Urawa Vocational School
Kanto Welfare College
Jikei International Exchange COM
Shundai Travel & Hotel Vocational School
Sundaigaigo & Business College
Sundai Electronic Information & Business College
Shundai Law Economics & Business College
Vocational school Yomiuri Automobile College
Digital Arts Tokyo
Toho Gakuen Film College
Toho Gakuen Acoustic College
Vocational school Tokyo Announce Gakuin
Tokyo Institute of Technology Automobile College
Tokyo Toshima IT Medical Welfare College
Nihon Kogakuin College
Japan Electronics College
Japanese Industrial College
Hollywood University of Beauty and Fashion
Beijing Language University Tokyo
Yomiuri Institute of Technology Medical Welfare
Yamato Fashion Business

Employment Support

画像You have different hope for your future. Some want to get a job in Japan by using their experience in their country, some get a job in Japan in the first place, some want to be a service worker, or some are interested in making goods.
Through years of experience, we give you solid support by using our know-how and resources.


1. Job fair
Teachers give you some advice for getting a job and we also give you opportunities to participate in outside events.

2. Job fair in Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin
Persons in charge of some companies come to our school to talk about their business details or their ideal role model. Many students got a job every year.

3. Voice from graduates
We invite graduates to talk about their experience such as how they got the job, how they found the job, what is doing now in Japan.

4.Latest internship or job information are on our bulletin board and they are always updated.