College and Career

Employment Support

画像You have different hope for your future. Some want to get a job in Japan by using their experience in their country, some get a job in Japan in the first place, some want to be a service worker, or some are interested in making goods.
Through years of experience, we give you solid support by using our know-how and resources.


1. Job fair
Teachers give you some advice for getting a job and we also give you opportunities to participate in outside events.

2. Job fair in Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin
Persons in charge of some companies come to our school to talk about their business details or their ideal role model. Many students got a job every year.

3. Voice from graduates
We invite graduates to talk about their experience such as how they got the job, how they found the job, what is doing now in Japan.

4.Latest internship or job information are on our bulletin board and they are always updated.