General Course(6 months or more)

Admission Information

Application and Admission time
Course Name Application time Admission time Period of study
Pre-collegeⅠ Sep 1st~Nov 1st April 2 years
Jan 1st~Mar 1st July 1 year 9 months
Mar 15~May 15 October 1 year 6 months
Jul 1st~Sep 1st January 2 years
Application Conditions

※High school graduate or above

Selection Fee
(When you enter the school)
Entrance Fee
(When you enter the school)
Tuition Fee
(For 1 year)
Activity Fee
(For 1 Year)
International student insurance
(For 1 Year)
Total JP¥790,000

・ The fees paid once are not refundable. (Exception: if the applicant cannot get VISA,
 fees except selection fee and entrance fee will be refunded.)
・ The special fees for preparatory lessons to the universities are not included in the above.
・The insurance (National Health Insurance: ¥30,000 for 2years,Student Insurance:
 ¥10,000 for a year and Physical Examination Fee ¥3,000) is not included.

How to Apply

5-6months before

  • STEP1.

    Please contact us

  • STEP2.

    Admission information for new students

  • STEP 3.

    Preparation of application documents

  • STEP 4.

    Submission of application documents

4-5months before

  • STEP 5.

    TNG will hand in the documents of the applicants who are allowed to
    enter the school to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
    The documents are not returnable except the original Diploma.

1-2months before

  • STEP 6.

    TNG will tell both passed and failed applicants the results

  • STEP 7.

    Passed applicants should pay the school fees immediately.

  • STEP 8.

    TNG will send them the Certificate of Eligibility and other required documents.

  • STEP 9.

    Applicants submit the passport, the Certificate of Eligibility and other required documents to nearest Japanese Embassy or consulate to get pre-college visa.