Applicants who have visa

Admission time and semester
Admission time
Semester Period
April April-June 10 weeks
July July-September 10 weeks
October October-December 10 weeks
January January-March 10 weeks
Course Japanese level
○ Studied Japanese within 6months
・You should be able to read and write Hiragana・Katakana.
・You will learn Japanese grammar, Kanji and conversational Japanese.

○ Studied Japanese more than 6months
・You will learn general Japanese expression.
・The level is JLPT N2・N3
○ Studied Japanese more than 1year.
・You will learn Academic Japanese.
・The level is JLPT N1.

Tuition and notes

The lesson fee:¥150,000(3months)
※Including tax and text books fee

※Please pay your tuition fee in advance.
※Please remember that we will not refund your money after you pay your tuition fee.
※You will have a placement exam, and we decide your class depends on your score.  
※You will not have lessons on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
※If you wish to enroll in the middle of the semester, please contact us.
※You are prohibited to come to school by car.

How to apply

Please contact us or come to school office with Alien Registration Card,
2 ID photos, and entrance and tuition fee.