Short Term Course(Within90Days)

Admission time and semester
Admission time Semester Period
April April-June 10 weeks
July July-September 10 weeks
October October-December 10 weeks
January January-March 10 weeks
Course Japanese Level
○ Studied Japanese within 6months
・You should be able to read and write Hiragana・Katakana.
・You will learn Japanese grammar, Kanji and conversational Japanese.
○ Studied Japanese more than 6months
・You will learn general Japanese expression.
・The level is JLPT N2・N3
○ Studied Japanese more than 1year.
・You will learn Academic Japanese.
・The level is JLPT N1.

◆ New classes start in January, April, July, October.
◆ Application is available at any time.
◆ TNG has various classes, so that you can join a suitable class according to your ability.
◆ It is useful to mastering Hiragana and Katakana before entering the school.


Course Fees Entrance fee・Tuition
1 month JP¥57,000 Entrance fee JP¥5,000円
Tuition JP¥52,000円
3 months JP¥119,000 Entrance fee JP¥15,000円
Tuition JP¥104,000円
3 months JP¥145,000 Entrance fee JP¥15,000円
Tuition JP¥130,000円

・Tax and textbooks are included.
・Any school fee paid once is not refundable.
・Please take out travel insurance before coming to Japan

How to apply

  • STEP1.

    Please contact us

  • STEP2.

    Admission information for new students

  • STEP3.

    Fill in the application form

  • STEP4.

    Submission of application form

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