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Personal Information Protection Principles

Privacy policy

1 -Introduction
Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin official webset (here after collecitively called “The set” which is operatted by Tyokyo Nichigo Gakuin Ltd.

2 - As for the personal information
Refers to the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, and other descriptions provided through this website that can individually identify individuals.

3 - The collection of personal information
When personal information is provided through this website, in principle, the information is registered according to the user's own wishes. When collecting personal information, please clarify the purpose of collecting the information in advance.

4 - As for the handling and provision of personal information
In the case of the use of personal information of users in this website, if there is a use beyond the purpose of collection and the need to provide it to a third party, unless the user agrees or the administrator of this site specifically deems it necessary, otherwise Personal information will not be disclosed. However, if there is a request for disclosure based on laws and ordinances, please allow the disclosure of the minimum necessary information

5 - The management of personal information
This website conducts strict and appropriate management of the personal information collected from users, and takes appropriate countermeasures to prevent personal information leakage, illegal use, loss, tampering, etc.

6 - Change privacy policyOn this website, with changes in laws and regulations and changes in the operation policy of this website, there is a possibility that the privacy policy may be changed without notice.。